Who did you use to be?

Do you feel like you have changed in recent years? Maybe that’s apart of growing up?

Looking back at my life, I am happy. When you think about the future, you always think about the past. I can’t say I ever want to be a teenager again. I had 3 jobs at one point in high school, I don’t recommend that.I wish that I had more of a social life and tried to make more of a connection with other people.

boy did I sure go through some phases…

Here’s me when I was 15:rye2006

Here is me at 17:0823091500

This me when I was 18 scenehair2009

This me at 20:sf2009_1

here’s me when I was 21:0716001513

It’s funny how much we change in such a short amount of time, me now:



Who did you use to be?

Do you like yourself better now?