Africa / Jungle Date Night

Jungle / Africa Date Night



Do you want to spice things up with your honey? Try this date idea!

Part of the Traveling the world Date Series! I give you Africa. Now Africa is a huge continent obviously! So you may want to choose a specific place say South Africa for example.


I even wore a cheetah print dress, and we played jungle music while we ate. I hung fun balloons from the ceiling. I use to be able to find animal print stuff everywhere, but I really had to search. I think this was a really popular children’s birthday party theme when I was a kid, maybe its not as popular now?


I decided to just use the entire continent as inspiration because it was easier to plan food around that.



-tomato and cucumber salad

-Shrimp kabobs

-veggie platter with homemade hummus


-chips and guacamole


It was a huge hit! We had a lot of fun. I recently read the book called Dead Aid. It is written by a woman who grew up in Africa and it goes into the foreign aid dependence and the future of Africa.So interesting! It facilitated a fascinating discussion with my man.


We also talked about Jungle animals because I got him little party favors, which he loves. So we talked about what it would be like to be in the jungle! Fun times!

Let me know if you do a Jungle date?