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“Burque” is short for Albuquerque. I hear slang all the time, from ABQ to the “land of mañana.” Most of my friends cannot wait to get the hell out of here, and I find more and more reasons to stay. I do not see this state as a wasteland. I like Burque. I love New Mexico, I love living here. I am New Mexican, and I need my Sandias.

To get to know me personally is a long story. First and foremost I am an artist. I love creating things, I love making things. If i could do nothing but craft all day I would be unbelievably happy. But I am also ambitious and want so much more than an organized desk. I am secondly a student. I just got my bachelors degree in History and political science; but I am still a student, and will be as long as I thirst for knowledge.

On a personal note, I think everyone should take up crafting. there is something about creating something new. I believe you can add beauty in almost everything you do. you can organize, you can recycle, and you can get rid of stuff. Why have we become so attached to possessions? I am dating and living with my amazing boyfriend, who is on his way done earning his JD. He is my best friend and my hero. I recommend him to anyone. :)

Albuquerque-2If you are unfamiliar with New Mexico; Albuquerque

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About me: I have been dating Ryan now for over 4 years.

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We love babysitting my best firends dog, Wiggins.


I love dressing up and acting girly.



Ryan and I love running races. Running has changed my life.



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And we love our Black poodle, Charlotte.


I just graduated with my Masters in Public Administration from the University of New Mexcio and looking to start my career and craft enterprise!


Well thats me! :)

For contact information, I am all over social media:











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