Fridge Chopped Pasta

I call this recipe Fridge Chopped Pasta. Have you seen the show Chopped? Basically contestants compete to be the best chef and win money, but they have to cook what is in the “mystery basket” sometimes they get really random stuff, the worst I have seen is the got those marshmallow peeps in the appetizer round.

So with this recipe I go to the fridge and pantry and see what is there. and I make a pasta dish with it. Last nights dinner was pene pasta, with red chilli peppers, peas and carrots, Parmesan cheese, a sliced Boca burger and I added some honey, milk and sour cream to temper the spice. I also made a side salad because we had Romain and I cut up some carrots in it. It sounds a little weird but its a great way to squeeze dinner out of your pantry without having to go to the store. I feel like we always have pasta noodles of some sort.

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