How to feed two adults for 33$ a week

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I am in the middle of completing my master degree, I am in between jobs and I am up to my eyeballs in student debt. This makes me appreciate being frugal. One way to really save money is to eat at home! Are you looking to save money on dinner without losing taste? I have complied a weeks worth of dinners for only $33 for 2 people.

  • ¬†Wednesday – Enchaladas
    Ingredients: corn tortillas, cheese, onion, green chili
    Side: beans
    Prep time: 25 min
  • Thursday – Corn Bread Salad
    Ingredients: corn bread, corn, tomato, green beans
    Side: salad
    Prep time: 30 min
  • Friday – Fajitas
    Ingredients: tortillas, bell pepper, onion, sour cream
    Side: beans
    Prep time: 20 min
  • Saturday – Salmon
    Ingredients: salmon, lime
    Side: rice & veggie
    Prep time: 30 min
  • Sunday – Tacos
    Ingredients: taco shells, cheese, onion, beans
    Prep time: 20 min
  • Monday – Boca Burgers
    Ingredients: Veggie burger, Buns, lettuce
    Side: home made potato fries
    Prep time: 30 min
  • Tuesday – Pasta
    Ingredients: pasta, red sauce, garlic,
    Side: salad
    Prep time: 20 min


Shopping list:

  1. block of cheese ($4)
  2. Beans (four cans ($3)
  3. potato ($1)
  4. Boca Burgers ($3)
  5. Buns ($1)
  6. onions ($3)
  7. bell pepper ($2)
  8. corn in a can ($1)
  9. corn bread ($1)
  10. tomato ($1)
  11. grean beans ($1)
  12. pasta ($1)
  13. red sauce ($1)
  14. taco shells ($1)
  15. Salmon ($4)
  16. Rice ($1)
  17. Veggie ($1)
  18. Romain lettuce ($3)

Total: $33

A Pros tip to saving money===

What we have been doing is eating dinner earlier on weekends then going out for a beer and an appetizer after! When we eat dinner at before 6:30 and then go to a restaurant, we are full and our wallets are not as empty.

and when we split the bill its only about 7 bucks a person, for 2 beers and an appetizer and it feels like we ate out!

stretch that quality time together, its like 2 dates! one at home with a home cooked meal, and another at a restaurant!

Do you guys have an other dinner saving tips?

Luau / Ocean / Tropical Birthday Party

It was My man’s 26th birthday this weekend SO I threw him a big party with all of his friends it was such a success.

He is a flip-flop lever so I though that a beach themed would be a great idea. I was so inspired by all the available part options that it morphed into a luau/fish theme as well!

I decorated the whole house! I hung blue streamers from the ceiling and and fish!

Here is a picture of the two of us below!

I got most of the decorations from Party City! :)

the decorations were a big hit, the whole house was dolled up.

I actually just hung an old plastic table cloth across the wall to add a kind of ocean effect.

I think his favorite part was the volcano cake, I made it by stacking three layers and then carving until I got the shape I wanted. I added red for lava and sparklers for effect!

The food was also a big hit. Ryan’s mom made a kale salad and a chili corn dip. We also had cocktail shrimp and margaritas!

If you want some more party ideas check these out:

Each item $1 @ the dollar store...make a statement...make an entrance 4 ur kids b-day/pool party...







Fridge Chopped Pasta

I call this recipe Fridge Chopped Pasta. Have you seen the show Chopped? Basically contestants compete to be the best chef and win money, but they have to cook what is in the “mystery basket” sometimes they get really random stuff, the worst I have seen is the got those marshmallow peeps in the appetizer round.

So with this recipe I go to the fridge and pantry and see what is there. and I make a pasta dish with it. Last nights dinner was pene pasta, with red chilli peppers, peas and carrots, Parmesan cheese, a sliced Boca burger and I added some honey, milk and sour cream to temper the spice. I also made a side salad because we had Romain and I cut up some carrots in it. It sounds a little weird but its a great way to squeeze dinner out of your pantry without having to go to the store. I feel like we always have pasta noodles of some sort.